hey. i'm rachel . 

A human centered designer. I’m curious about real moments created with mediated reality. Big data for the little things. Chicago mobsters. Late 20th century physicists. What makes a joke funny. And more. 


I'm a product designer at Nexar.

We’re eliminating car collisions with artificial intelligence + deep learning + human experiences. We make self driving car smarts universally accessible, today.

A small taste of what I do there.


Previously, I was a product designer at Flux.io,

a project from Google X rethinking the design of cities. We got architects, engineers, and city planners speaking the same language with collaborative tools.

Check out a case-study on designing our SaaS offering.



At Google London, we brought the AdSense product into Material Design.Some learnings.

At IDEO Chicago, I designed healthcare wearables. Some takeaways.

At Odopod SF, I designed cross-platform e-commerce products. Some experiences.


interactive installations


I hack interactive sound installations.

I have done residencies exploring the future of graphic design with Trapped in Suburbia in The Hague.

I made people dance with Maker Labs in San Francisco.

I made worms into wearables just for fun.



I studied Interaction Design at California College of the Arts. It was all of the things.

to be cont


In a past life, I was a concert photographer for KTVU. In a future life, I'll be at the Weekend Update desk.