Clothes are an extension of self. Garments are a living entity. 

How can we experience the body?

Werm is an organism living on the body. Questioning whether the garment is alive or not creates a pause to question what living is. By wearing a body of motion on the outside, the wearer considers the motion of a body from the inside.

Inspired by nature, I want to find organic motion with technology.


What makes a product organic?

I started playing with fabric to see how I could create a worm dress. I had learned to sew as a Girl Scout in elementary school, but had not had much garment structure exposure since. Initially, I was trying to mimic the rings of a worms body.

However, rings on a worm quickly became harshly geometric and did not convey the same beautiful organic motion.


What's the relationship between body and material?

Pinning and draping fabric brought me to a more germ or amoeba like silhouette that felt more natural. It was important for me to preserve the sheerness of the fabric to create areas where the skin peeked through, further alluding to the discrepancy between body and fabric. Integration involved adhering motors to the leotard while hiding and connecting them to ripples of chiffon.

Materials List

4 micro servo motors

1 Arduino Flora

3.7v battery

11 yards of nude chiffon

1 Spanx Leotard, and clear fishing line

What's happening?

The result is a garment that appear to breathe as the swirls of fabric expand and contract. When walking, onlookers question if the dress is moving or if it is the wind. This is an intended effect. Every time someone stops to question and think about what a dress or technology can be, I deem the project a success




Personal curiosity



All work is my own


7 weeks