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I spent a summer with Nurun in San Francisco. 

June 2014 - September 2014

team projects

At Nurun (currently Odopod), I worked on several different cross-platform digital services. This was a great first consultancy experience because, in a short period, the projects I worked on varied from a connected sports stadium to browsing luxury watches. Below is one example of a project I was involved in. 

commerce to culture design

The team had previously designed a commerce and recipe app for a beverage company. I joined for the second round of designs when we strategized how to increase user engagement. To do so, we developed a lifestyle segment to tell the story that these aren't just cocktails, they're a night on the town.

One of the challenges was to incorporate different types of editorial content while retaining the elevated experience. Bringing together articles, photo galleries, recipes, and videos within one page without feeling overwhelming was a growth moment for my UI work.


incorporating into the existing app

To illustrate how the new screens will fold into the existing app, I created a system map showing how users could navigate the content. I chose a system map as opposed to a clickable prototype to highlight new screen integration into the existing app, as opposed to testing screen flow logic.  

Designs are scrubbed of details for confidentiality.