I worked with the Google AdSense team in London. 

September 2015 - December 2015


Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 1.32.04 PM.png

team goal

AdSense is a free, simple way to earn money by placing ads on your website. Currently, the platform is being re-envisioned in Google's Material Design language. Our team is taking this transitional period as an opportunity to zoom out and think about the product as a whole.

personal goals

  • Strengthen UI skills 
  • Navigate between micro and macro interactions
  • Practice user testing
  • Design from concept to launch
  • Experience the world of product design 
  • Learn about the business side of design

what i achieved

  • Focus on the end to end first time use experience from marketing, to sign-up, to buffer periods, to publishing first live ads
  • Bring together different stakeholders to identify the major milestones of a first time user
  • Ensure consistency between product teams that own different parts of the AdSense experience
  • UI Design of wireframes and pixel perfect ready-to-launch screens
  • Create prototypes for stakeholders and user testing
  • Collaborate with researchers to plan and conduct validation testing
  • Agile design with engineers for feasibility and efficiency 

main takeaways

  • Confident users become successful users

  • Stakeholders priorities tell the long term story of product goals

  • A strong system architecture can evolve its visual style, but strong visuals can't compensate for a weak system

  • Non-user feedback is critical for well-known products

Further project details available upon request.