Fleet Suite

Nexar worked with fleet managers and fleet drivers to understand their needs and concerns and create a management tool that gives the insight managers need while protecting the privacy that drivers deserve.



Fleet management companies lease taxi and regular vehicles to cab and rideshare drivers. But when things go wrong on the road, drivers are concerned their premium will go up if they report it. This often exacerbates the problems and the cost. 



The ultimate cabbie is the New York cabbie. I flew to New York for in-house drive-a-longs with New York’s finest, and to meet with cab leasing fleets in the Bronx.



How might we support hectic days by showing the need-to-knows?

How might we make our driver score their standard?

How can we get drivers to eat their (safety) vegetables?

How might we encourage drivers to get on the road?


WHat's this feel like?

  • What’s your morning routine?

  • Do you like numbers or pictures?

  • How much content do you want?

  • Do you look forwards or backwards?

  • What’s the least we can do?

  • Do you care how drivers drive?


What are our principles?

Sight to the blind

Stats around driver usage, location and profit helps managers and drivers improve profitability. 

Preempt problems

Predictive analysis can help managers step in and give drivers guidance when a problem is on the horizon.

Congratulate success

Create opportunities for managers to communicate and congratulate positive notes and rewards to increase community and openness.


What's the PRODUCT?




Lead designer and researcher


Design, PM, Web, Illustrator, BizDev


8 weeks